Who doesn’t absolutely obsess over backyard tent weddings!
But better yet, on their family farm. The entire immediate family including the bride and groom have their own home on the property. Everyones dream? or just mine? haha.

I have known Tash for years. I grew up looking up to her and her unique style. As a young girl I would never have imagined watching her marry her dreamboat behind my camera, but I did and It was perfection.

One word – overdue. There, I said it!

Its about time where I jump on this ‘photographers need websites’ bandwagon. Apparently its a ‘thing’. So here we have it!
I am officially launching my website that is more than just a blog. I am so excited I officially have an outlet to share my incredible couples, their beautiful love stories and from time-to-time myself and my love-bugs (ie. my crazy awesome family!)
I guess I decided to start with my self…

and the crazy talented Kayla Yestal.

Always a lover of film, I knew I had to reach out to my favourite local film photographer – Kayla. We met, we hugged, we sipped wine and then this happened.


I am so excited for this launch and I cannot wait to keep you all up-to-date with all my beautiful creatures!